Off Course cover
The interstellar freighter Star-Pulse, is thrown far off course when it encounters a rare disturbance in hyperspace. Hundreds of light years from the nearest colonized planet, the ship must now search for a source of deuterium to fuel the journey home. The unsuspecting crew, led by Captain Arnold J. Zak, soon discover that their adventure is only just beginning as they find themselves stranded in a star system occupied by an intelligent species. In order to ensure their survival, the Captain must not only overcome a common phobia, he must also convince the indiginous population that his ship is not a scout from a hostile civilization.

When Ships Mutiny cover
Fernando Munoz, call sign Cipher, is a Vengeance-class battleship built to protect human colonies from the Evendi. While trying to find the truth behind an accusation made by one of his fellow ships, Cipher uncovers a dark secret hidden deep inside himself. Finding the need to spread the word to the other ships, he unknowingly initiates a sequence of events that would affect not only the entire human race, but the Evendi as well.

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