Galactic Alliance Series

Translight cover

While testing Earth's first stardrive, one of humanity's oldest questions is answered: We are not alone. But before Earth can benefit from the advanced technologies offered by the other cultures, it must form a united world government. Old habits are hard to break and it doesn't take long before things begin to unravel.

Jay Kauffman, mathematical genius and creator of the stardrive, believed his invention would free mankind. Instead, it has made war inevitable.

Translight is the first book of the Galactic Alliance series. It is a hard military science fiction space opera that has been compared to E.E. 'Doc' Smith's famous Lensmen and Skylark series.

Chroniech cover

The Galactic Alliance was created in the wake of the Terran - Tholtaran war and its members have lived together in peace for five decades. An ancient race known as the Chroniech, however, have other plans. On the way to investigate another recent attack on a remote outpost, the Komodo Dragon, under the command of Captain Ken Stricklen makes an unbelievable discovery. Knowing the implications of what the Alliance has found, the Chroniech accelerate their plans of extermination. To save the Alliance from annihilation, the Komodo Dragon embarks on an incredible journey of discovery into unexplored space.

Can the Alliance survive the advances of the technologically more advanced Chroniech?

Honor Thy Enemy cover

Imprisoned by the Kyrra within a hyperdimensional barrier that warped space into an enclosed universe, the Chroniech apply all their intellect to finding a way out. After fifteen years they succeed. Confident in their ability to break through the barrier, the Chroniech had been building warships as fast as their shipyards could produce them. With the barrier breached, the unstoppable invasion force descended upon the Alliance with one goal in mind – extermination.

Peacekeeper cover

The peacekeepers were the solution to a problem: How do you enforce the laws of a society made up of a dozen species spread out across hundreds of planets?

The process begins by carefully selecting the best candidates throughout the Alliance. After completing a rigorous training course, the peacekeepers endure a series of surgeries transforming them into cyborgs. They are linked to an advanced AI that will monitor their every activity. This AI is part of the ship each peacekeeper is given upon graduation. From that point on, they have the authority to enforce Alliance law wherever they may be. Peacekeepers are admired by those they protect and feared by those who break the law.

Communications specialist Tom Wilks of the famous Komodo Dragon is about to find out just how demanding a peacekeeper's life can be as he undertakes the journey to becoming one of them. While at the academy, he meets Lashpa, a member of a reptilian race. The two quickly become friends and then much more as they work together to prevent an attack against Earth’s government that has been in the planning for years.

Peacekeeper 2 cover

Thomas Wilks is a Terran. Lashpa Krish is a Rouldian. They have declared themselves to be gragrakch—two bodies, one soul. Both are peacekeepers—cyborgs charged with enforcing Alliance law. In accordance with Rouldian tradition, the two peacekeepers travel to Lashpa’s home planet of Fanish to make their declaration of gragrakch official. Although they’ve been very close friends for years, Tom and Lashpa quickly discover that they still have much to learn about each other. Their efforts to deepen their relationship is interrupted when they stumble upon a hidden Chroniech base. Stranded in Alliance space, the Chroniech managed to survive by attacking civilian cargoliners. That changed when they discovered an ancient secret buried within their wandering planetoid—a secret that could result in the annihilation of hundreds of billions of Alliance citizens.

Peacekeeper pathogen cover

A horrific engineered bioweapon threatens the security of the Galactic Alliance. Peacekeepers Tom Wilks and Lashpa Krish have proven their ability to solve difficult problems as a team. Although they know nothing about bioweapons, they are the Alliance's best hope to find the source of this terror weapon and shut it down.

Peacekeeper God Complex cover

A shocking discovery on a remote planet being surveyed for possible colonization has the potential to threaten the security of the Galactic Alliance. Peacekeepers Tom Wilks and Lashpa Krish are sent to find a solution. They soon discover that this assignment might be more than their cybernetic abilities can handle.

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