Dragonverse Series

Dragonverse cover
Dragons and wizards walked the Earth in the distant past. The memories of their short time here reverberate today in the form of myth and legend. The truth, as some are aware, is that dragons still exist. Terry Cashington's life is forever changed when he learns this truth and makes contact with a dragon. This is the story of how his journey began.

Ishnef's Revenge cover
Revenge has ruled Ishnef's life ever since Terry and his bound dragon, Glahmelia, had killed Omen - an abomination which she had created. The peaceful town of Inshlo thought things would return to normal following Omen's demise. Little did they know that revenge would drive Ishnef to create an even more powerful creature. Terry and Glahmelia face the greatest challenge of their lives as Ishnef seeks to avenge the death of the only person she had ever loved. Dragonverse is a unique science fiction fantasy novel based in modern times.

Dragonverse Origins cover

All myths have a basis in historical events. Have you ever wondered if Merlin ever existed? Are curious as to why do so many cultures have a myth involving dragons?

Dragons and wizards are not who you think they are. Prepare yourself to discover the shocking truth. Dragonverse Origins is a unique mixture of fantasy and science fiction. Set in our historic past, the story will tell you how these myths began.

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